Mission & Vision


Fight against to all harmful habits such as gambling, prostitution and screen addiction that harm the youth and the society, as well as addictions that destroy the body and mental health of society and youth, such as alcohol, drug and cigarette addiction, our national and moral values, in an ethical and cultural development atmosphere in our country. This association was established to raise generations dependent on national culture; to minimize alcohol, drugs, cigarette consumption, and other bad habits, by cooperating with the state organs and non-governmental organizations.


To provide the development and strengthening of national and spiritual emotions, moral and intellectual life, social assistance and solidarity and national unity in the society. This association carries out all kinds of press release activities for individuals to apply their beliefs in their business, professional and personal lives. Prepares and organizes programs related to its field for culture, arts and educational pages, columns, radio, tv stations and special videos, cinevision, multi-vision and similar programs for the public and youth in media organs. In line with its purpose, it operates in the internet environment. Conducts research to activate and improve its activities.