Great Project In The Fight Against Narcotics

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13 September 2017
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22 September 2017
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Great Project In The Fight Against Narcotics

Bursa Valiliğince uyuşturucuyla mücadele kapsamında 3 ilçede kurulması planlanan "İnsanlık Köyü"nde, madde bağımlıları doktor, din görevlileri ve sosyal uzmanlar gözetiminde rehabilite edilecek. ( Sergen Sezgin - Anadolu Ajansı )

Humanity Village project will be hope for drug addicted youth who want to get rid of drugs. Bursa Governor İzzettin Küçük said, “We will save our youngsters from this malady.”

The “Humanity Village” project, implemented by the Bursa Governorship to bring young people who are addicted to the society and to have a profession, continues rapidly. Humanity Village, designed in a village style and in which various vocational workshops are established, will be hope for young people who have become drug addicts and who want to get away. Bursa Governor İzzettin Küçük examined the project works on the spot, whose main purpose would be to fight addiction and was designed with a village-style lifestyle, in Orhaneli Nalınlar District.


State that three large villages created by the project which will be held for the first time in Turkey, Governor Küçük said, “Under the supervision of our doctors, religious officials and social experts, our young people who are involved drugs,  the guarantee of our future, will be treated with handicrafts, agriculture and many other efforts. The first phase of the project has been completed and the recruitment of addicts has started. We will save our young bodies, young people, who are ecstatic on the streets, in the clutches of death, who hurts my heart deeply like every mother and father who has a child, with a collective struggle from this malady called drugs.”