Exemplary behavior from scouts

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2 March 2017
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12 March 2017
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Exemplary behavior from scouts

Bursa – Bursa Metropolitan Belediyespor Club Scouts, who started at least one social responsibility project every month and supported by taking part in such projects, visited the Yeşilay event tent this month.

Scouts, who visited the event tent established by Bursa Yeşilay Society in Fomara Square due to the 1-7 March Yeşilay Week, have made the public aware of the damages of the addictive substance with their own banners.

Scouts, who signed different activities to protection of the new generation from harmful substances such as cigarettes, alcohol and drugs and not to catch new addictions such as internet, mobile phone, visited Yeşilay’s tent within the scope of Yeşilay Week. Bursa Metropolitan Belediyespor Club Scout Leader Mustafa Altay underlined that people do not care before facing such problems and after then feel lonely and said that they will always take part in such events that benefit the society as Metropolitan Belediyespor Scouting Branch.

During the day, the scouts, which informed the visitors of the event tent against harmful substances, attracted great attention by the visitors and received great applause with their slogans.